29 October, 2018

A Lovely Living Room

Lovely Living Room Schemes-Monday's Peek at a Project

Peek at a Project-Options for Schemes

One of the worries clients often express is how we will create a home that perfectly reflects who they are. The simple answer is we collaborate with our clients. In this example our client is redesigning her living room. Our job? Design lovely living room schemes. First, we get to know you well...what would be your chosen colors? what vibe do you want your home to have?
We learn as much as possible to inform a concept and then we show well composed options for schemes, floor plans, elevations...Today we are sharing some options for a living room redo. Updated traditional, welcoming, cozy and a spot you want to spend time is the concept.

Scheme design by LiLu Interiors


Scheme design by LiLu Interiors

Lovely Living Room Schemes-Raisin

Scheme Design by LiLu Interiors