24 May, 2010

Local Artists Tom and Rebecca Maras

By LuAnne Silvia
I find great pleasure in connecting people through art. At LiLu we love helping clients incorporate original artwork into their homes and finding just the right piece that speaks to them. There are several local artists who I admire for their talent and dedication to their craft but also because they are living their dream. They are unique in the fact that their passion to create is the driving force behind building a life around what they love to do. I enjoy talking with people and hearing their stories, when they first discovered the artist inside them.
I first met Tom and Rebecca Maras through a mutual friend years ago. Their talent and passion for creating glass works of art was immediately apparent. They bring great energy to each piece working as a team. Having the pleasure to watch them blow glass you think you are watching a calculated rehearsal but then you realize you are actually witnessing a natural rhythm. Their glass works are an interpretation of color through layering of pattern that complements the form.Their bold use of color and form translates into stunning individual pieces that are at home in both traditional and contemporary interiors.
They started working out of their home and every fall they held an annual open house to showcase their glass, share their talent and celebrate what they love to do with their family, friends and fans. Since we met they have opened their own studio in Hudson, Wisconsin. They also show their work at local art galleries and fairs as well as art fairs throughout the country. They are one of my favorite artists to visit at the Northrup King building, and can now be seen at Art Resources at International Market Square. Here are some photos of their work:
Here are a few pieces from my personal collection:
tom 2
tom 3
tom 1a
Visit www.marasglass.com to learn more

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