19 October, 2018

Live Intentionally-Eat, Sleep, Create -Look of the Day


Get inspired to Live Intentionally! The past ten years I have been on a journey to live with intention. On Wednesday's blog, I discussed some of the cornerstones I need to live my best life with intention. As a business owner, designer and volunteer, sometimes life can get busy. During busy times, I know that I must sleep well, eat well and continue to be creative in order to be a happy productive person. Today on the blog I'm sharing some of the products I've found over the past ten years that help me be the best version of myself.
Live Intentionally-Sleep Well

Live Intentionally-Sleep Well

A few years ago, I considered myself a lifelong insomniac. Now I sleep 7-8 hours a week. One top tip: Go to sleep when you are tired. I read the book When by Daniel Pink and adjusted my sleep schedule to suite myself, not our culture, and I sleep better than I ever have! In addition, as a designer, I know that the atmosphere in your bedroom is paramount to a good nights sleep. Comfort and relaxation must be built into the color scheme and every piece of furniture must be pleasing and comfortable. I've gathered my favorite picks here for pillows, mattress, bedding and a perfect essential oil for relaxing! Click the link to make your bedroom more ideal for the perfect rest.

Details: A  Perfect Pillows B Most Comfortable Mattress  |  C  Comfy Upholstered Bed  |  Restful Essential Oil blend  |  E  Beautiful Porcelain Diffuser   |  F  Egyptian Cotton 500 Count sheets

Live Intentionally -Eat Well products

Live Intentionally- Eat Well

Like many of you I strive to eat a healthful diet and to eat meals with my family. It's a great goal and some days between work, practices, rehearsals and volunteering it can be challenging to make food that is nutritious. Two strategies that have been lifesavers for me are 1) The morning smoothie! packed with veggies and fruit it helps our family get a jump start on the 5-7 servings that make the ideal diet. 2) making dinner in a single pot! Whether it's a tangine or on a busy day, an instapot, putting all my ingredients from meat to veggies in one pot allows for both a quick dinner and quick clean up. I've found a few cook books that I love and allow me to make delicious, easy meals at home! I also invest in kitchen equipment and utensils that make cooking a pleasure!  The best part of getting the family dinner in is that  we connect and learn about each others days! Strengthening both our bodies and our relationships!  By sharing this roundup of Eat well products that have helped me I hope to inspire you too! We've made it shoppable so all you have to do is click the link below to add these items to your daily routine!

Details: A  Tangine B Essential Basic Cookbooks  |  C  It's All Good Cook Book  |  Ninja Blender  |  E Instapot   |  F  Wood Utensils

Live Intentionally-Be Creative

Live Intentionally-Create

You might think I use my creativity enough at work but I realized a few years ago that using my creativity for no one but myself is an important part of feeling like I am fulfilled. Part of living intentionally, is identifying what is important to you and then intentionally including them in your daily living! For me knitting is actually a form of meditation. Here's an article about how knitting can be therapeutic. I encourage everyone to use their creativity! I enjoy knitting, sewing, drawing and painting. Below are links for luxury yarn and speedy smooth knitting needles! I keep stacks of sketch books around so I have a place to draw at hand, in the car, in the office at home and my favorite water color pencils ( a quick cheat for either drawing or creating a painted look). We've featured Alabama Chanin before and I've included a link for a book that I have made four projects from! And if you just need to reignite your creativity, I recommend reading drawing from the right side of the brain!  For you it might be music, cooking, scrap booking or drawing cartoons! Whatever you find to be fun....do it! Whether you think you are "good" at it, it's good for you!

Details: A  Madeline Tosh Yarn  |  B Addi Knitting Needles  |  C  Hard bound sketch books  Derwent Water color pencils  |  E Alabama Chanin Pattern BookF  Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain