17 October, 2018

Live and Design with Intention

Design and live with intentionby Lisa Peck, ASID
At LiLu Interiors when we start a project we want to get to know you very well. Trusting someone you just met can be difficult. You must take a leap of faith. As interior designers we want to know how you really want to live. Not what you think is safe to say to a designer but how you WANT to live. With this in mind, we can design with intention.

What brings you joy, what is draining your energy on a daily basis so you have less joy. We want to design a home that aligns as much as possible with your joy and intention. Why? Because we want you to live a joy-filled life, we think that's what everyone deserves. As much joy as they can have. But it must be your joy, not what the big marketing machine tells you will bring you joy.
I, myself, am an introvert. As I have aged, I realize that some of the things that magazines tell me I should enjoy, I just don't. The list of things that align with my intentions for my life has become smaller and well-honed. My overall intention in life is to lift others up and make the world a more beautiful place. It is a simple mission. To align myself with this intention, I need a few things to be my best self every day.

  1. A spot to meditate quietly and align myself with higher energy.
  2. A place to exercise, yoga, walking, pilates so I am energized physically and not stressed.
  3. I must listen to music, played by loved ones in our home or music on a good system
  4. A place to create. A studio where I can quietly paint, draw, and dream.
  5. A comfortable spot to knit, read and snuggle with good adjustable. Light
  6. A place to cook and eat good nutritious food.
  7. Organization and storage to cut down on daily stress and friction.
  8. A great bedroom for the best sleep I can get.

Having these 8 things in my home allows me to be a better person who is more aligned with my intentions in life. Imagine, just seven things, not a huge list of rooms and features that I want. I have boiled the list down to the essentials. Now, a few other things are desirable and I would add them to my list as I designed my dream home. But to make sure your home supports your intentions for your life your list should be fewer than 10 things you MUST have.
What would be on your list?
Many LiLu clients want to be able to cook healthful family meals together. Prep sink and separate work stations allow for multiple cooks.
Many clients also want to create health in their lives with a foundation of good sleep.
Live with intention-Sleep Well
No matter what your priorities and intentions for your life, LiLu can help you design the lifestyle you want.