28 November, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry with Intention

Jewelry with Intention is today's Holiday gift guide for those we love the most.  Some of our favorites are listed here and are on our gift list to buy for others such as The Locket Sisters. A MN company with the most inspirational story of how The Locket Sisters came to be.  Read more over on their blog here.  We love when the things that we bring into our lives and into others have stories and meaning behind them.  It can be an art piece, a favorite dish, an ornament or the necklace around your neck.  Gifting with intention and meaning is one of our favorite things.

A gift given to remember
Three Baby Feet Necklace with Engraving Silver by: SOUFEEL
Simple, Endearing, Friendly

Locket Sisters?

A gift given with intention

A customized locket from The Locket Sisters


A gift given to ignite the soul

Inner Fire Necklace by Kassi Grunder

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We all need a place to keep our keepsakes safe.
Soufeel Three Layers of Jewelry Box

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For the Littles

A necklace of their favorite character is one to be cherished

img (2)?

Because all these beautiful things still need organizing and this a perfect add on to any jewelry lover

motherpearl-bracelet_1024x1024 (1)?

Perfect Mommy and Me Gift

Mother of Pearl Initial Bracelet

img (4)?

Perfect for the Eco-Conscious

Eco friendly Fish Leather is an exotic leather made from fish skins that are discarded by the seafood industry (nonendangered species).

This natural byproduct is repurposed into a luxurious leather and made into jewelry.


Bracelet for You and Bracelet for them

Halo Stackable Bracelet