05 December, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Ones

Today's Holiday Gift Guide has the little ones in mind.  Gifts for those Toddlers and Preschoolers whose brains are soaking it all in and they are learning at such a fast rate.  Gifts to keep up with them is a must.  From silly animal hats and gloves to help getting dressed for outside fun  to colorful magnetic blocks to enhance the learning experience; we have rounded up a few of our favorites.

A fun puzzle that can be customized to help them spell their name while learning letters and colors!


Comfortable clothes are a must when it comes to being able to move and groove.  We love the fun colors and animals on this!


Make getting dressed for the outdoors fun with these fox gloves and hat.  It's gonna get really cold here in MN and parents will need all the help they can get to entice the littles to get dressed in layers.


Simple blocks in different shapes allow the mind to build, create and do however they would like.


Holiday Jammies are a must in our households.  Grab these for all your kiddos!

gap boots

I mean how cute are these...


We love this scooter to help the little's exercise, learn balance and keep up with the older kids.  This scooter is so great as there is a sit and stand option!  It even lights up.


A smart house...this is such a great item to have in any house to help the imagination fly and is such a great gift that will change and grow with them for years to come!


Magnetic, colorful blocks are a must have to help the creativity flow...what can they build today?