05 September, 2014

LiLu Look of the Day-Trapunto

By Lisa Peck, ASID
I love craft, I love working in craft and incorporating craft into the interiors we create at LiLu Interiors in both Minnesota and North Carolina. Well-crafted items seem less valued in today's world. As someone who values beauty, I understand that going for the well-priced, the bang for your buck, the quick and manufactured solution can take the soul out of interiors. For your space to feed and support your soul, to help you live a mindful, rich life it should include furnishings that are so well-made with attention to detail and craft that you will never tire of seeing them, interacting with them and see your home as a retreat in which to fill your cup.
This is why I am intrigued with the contemporary use of Trapunto, a traditional embroidery technique, in interior design. How?
Here's an inspirational photo collage.

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