11 January, 2019

LiLu Interiors Look of the Day: Home Products That Will Help You Declutter and Organize

Home Products for Organization and Decluttering

Today's Look of the Day on the Blog is all about organization and decluttering your home. We love to help people make their spaces better for everyday use and to help them live their best life.  Sometimes it is as simple as photo boxes or extra clothes storage.  Sometimes you need to hire a professional.  Have questions about how to reach your goal?  Give us a call.  We'd love to talk about your project and see how we can help!

For all things large and small such as photos, children's artwork, small keepsakes we suggest to use photo boxes that can be arranged on your shelves in a unique way.  Think of stacking the boxes or using them as an anchor on a shelf . We love these boxes found at Target part of the Magnolia Home Collection.

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Do you have a love for apparel and have seasonal wardrobes?  I love this storage option where you are able to keep it in your out of site! It could be placed in your storage area, in the garage or even off-site storage.  It keeps your clothes safe from elements like dust and debris while allowing you to have space to see your clothes in your closet!
Between your stationary, gift wrap and bows, art supplies and then add in your children's art supplies such as glue, tape, stickers, paint, paint brushes you can begin to have a real clutter mess on your hands.  These two items below are perfect solutions for all of the things!  A rolling cart to move with you or a stationary storage island that also doubles as a work/art station.  Shop the photos below!

Here are some more great items for additional ways to help you gain space in your closets and homes that will help you reach your goal of decluttering and organize all year round!

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Don't forget about this wonderful book where many tips and tricks can be found...they may even be life changing!


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