15 February, 2010

“LiLu Blue” The New It Hue

by LuAnne Silvia
Color. Probably the first thing most people think of when they hear "Interior Designer." You select colors, right? Yes, we do! We think a lot about color. We know color. We think IN color. We often start a project with color. And complete a project with color. We take color seriously. And more importantly, we have fun with color!
So let's single out a color this week and have fun with it, and find out who else is having fun with it. Drum roll please....The color we wish to delve into is: Turquoise. Or, what we affectionately like to call, "LiLu Blue". It has a nice ring to it. LiLu Blue. We love it. We designed our logo, our brand, our studio around it.
We're not the only ones in town who love it. Meet Erin Olson, she is (in her words) obsessed with the color turquoise. She is so driven about her passion she has created a blog that is entirely dedicated to the color. You will find it at: www.houseofturquoise.com She updates her blog daily with beautiful photos of interiors decorated in turquoise. And you can easily search for specific looks in her catalogued headings like "Turquoise and Brown", "Kitchens", or "Holidays". She also has a shopping blog: www.everythingturquoise.com. You will find endless inspiration of all things turquoise. Fun, fun!
house of turquoise header final
The color turquoise has also been discovered by someone who takes color very seriously. Pantone, the leading global authority on color. They set professional color standards for design industries. It sounds like a big job, and it is! They research and forecast color predictions and have been doing it for years. And the color of the year for 2010: Turquoise.
Fashion report
House Beautiful magazine is currently featuring their love of one particular color. For the first time the magazine is devoting an entire issue to one color. You guessed it! March 2010 is all about blue.
house beautiful
We find the color to be bright, cheerful, spirited and energizing. Inspirational really, reflecting a truly unique and amazing color of water and sky. Tune in this week to see where else you can find the color of the year.
ocean image

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