19 October, 2010

Life Changes/New Office

By Lisa Peck, ASID
We recently worked on creating a new home office from a small bedroom for a client who was returning to school while working full-time.
The designers of LiLu had helped her in the past with projects ranging from furnishing their living room, remodeling a bathroom, and  consulting on updates in their kitchen. Her need for an organized, quiet space to study and still have room for her calligraphy hobby had them calling LiLu once again.
A small space was available and she needed two separate work spaces, a super comfy chair and a light, relaxed, airy look that would welcome her when she studied. She wanted to want to be in the space instead of dreading it.

office rug

Office space plan

Office Elevation AElevation of custom desk and storage for calligraphy

Office Details ADesign detail


A snap shot of the almost completed space


Study desk in almost completed space

By combining custom built-ins with catalog finds and creating a custom rug from yard goods we created a feminine, light, airy space for our client to study, read and work at her hobby and met her budget.

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