18 October, 2010

Life Changes/Interior Transformations

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Lately I've been thinking about all the reasons people call us for help with their interiors. Many times they have been dreaming about creating their dream home and want to ensure that every detail is well-designed and well-executed. Working with the team of professional designers at LiLu gives them the confidence that building or remodeling their dream home will be a dream and not a nightmare. Recently, many of our clients have called us for another reason all together. Their life has changed and they need a home to support the change in their life.
Life changes, it always does, and your environment can help you with the transformation you are undergoing and support you. The life changes that cause people to start an interior design project vary from happy to sad; from self-imposed to happenstance. Here is a short list of the reasons we have worked with people on new environments recently.
Birth of new twins
Becoming empty nesters
Moving on with life after the death of a spouse
Newly married and building a life together
Combining families in mid-life
Returning to school for an advanced degree
Divorcing and starting a new life as a single
Entertaining for the wedding of a child
Diagnosis of a debilitating illness
Kids getting older and wanting to have the house where kids hang out
As we see it, your home should support you. Be a place to turn inward when needed, be calming, be vibrant, a place to play and rest. A home sees life in all its stages, celebration, grief, growth, birth and getting older. The designers at LiLu have run doing our work and take seriously the responsibility of helping our clients have a home that fits their life, whatever stage that life may be in. The rest of the week, we will take a quick peek into some projects that support our clients through a life change.

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