31 January, 2021

Learning Sous Vide Cooking -According to LiLu

International Sous Vide Day

This week, I had fun learning Sous vide cooking for the first time! Sous vide translates to “cooking under vacuum” in English, and it basically involves vacuuming vegetables and proteins in a plastic bag and simmering them slowly in a water bath. Sous vide is healthy for us, because the sous vide process locks in all of the flavors, vitamins, and minerals into the food. Not only is it healthy, but this flavor locking process also makes our food tastier – as the ingredients simmer in their own nutrients, they become deliciously flavorful, and less added salt and fat is necessary for mouth-wateringly flavorful meat and vegetables. Sous vide cooking has been around since 1970, when chefs in France were experimenting with an industrial food preservation technique called cryo-vacking – they perfected sous vide! This means that, as of 2020, sous vide is 50 years old! International Sous Vide Day (ISVD) is on January 26, and this year we celebrated 50 years.

Sous Vide a Design Hounds at Home Event

I was able to have this sous vide cooking experience because of all the wonderful people at Design Hounds! Design Hounds is the leading network of design micro-influencers, and I am so grateful to everyone who voted for me in last year’s Design Hounds competition. The sous vide cooking event was so much fun, and I’m so thankful for Design Hounds at Home for putting it together!
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Limoncello Virtual Happy Hour

For the Design Hounds at home virtual happy hour event, we made limoncello using sous vide cooking! It was even more delicious than I expected, and I had such a great and educational time at the virtual cocktail party, learning all about sous vide. I had no idea that traditionally, limoncello takes over 40 days to make. Using sous vide, I made it overnight! If you’re missing bars and cocktail parties and you’d like to try these cocktails at home, check out the recipe in this post!
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Learning Sous Vide Cooking

Signature Cooking Suites provided our sous vide wand for these cocktails, and I know I’ll use mine for years to come, cooking all kinds of dishes as the pros do. In fact, this week we made perfectly cooked herbed salmon for dinner using sous vide and this recipe from New York Times Cooking.

A Range with Sous Vide?

Signature Cooking Suite is actually the first company to offer cooking ranges with build-in sous vide baths. These innovative ranges are incredibly versatile, with many modalities, including induction, gas, and steam all in one range – allowing you to prepare meals in many different ways to get the most out of each respective dish you take on. This range is a truly innovative product that anyone who wants restaurant-quality food at home should consider including in their kitchen.
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Cooking at Home and Wellness

Cooking at home is not just a wonderful hobby that can be a lot of fun, it also allows you to be more healthful and intentional in your diet and daily life. We’ve written about how design choices in the kitchen can impact your family’s wellness in the following posts.
Kitchen Design Wellness in Mind
Kitchen Design  Wellness Trends 
Now that I know more about sous vide, I'll be writing an updated wellness in the kitchen blog!

Try Sous Vide! You'll like it!

Creating restaurant-quality food at home requires a focus that is sort of meditative. It allows you to connect with yourself and what truly matters in life, the simple pleasures of cooking the perfect meal to enjoy at home with family or close friends. If you are trying to lean into healthful and intentional living in 2021, I highly recommend gifting yourself sous vide cooking experience, so you can learn a new skill while you’re at it! A huge thank you to Signature Kitchen Suites and Design Hounds who gifted me the fabulous sous-vide wand and all the yummy ingredients to make limoncello!
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Comments on Learning Sous Vide Cooking -According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a pretty, pretty post, Lisa! I loved being a part of this event with you, and all of our fellow #DesignHounds friends, and making my own #DesignHappyLiving version of limoncello with the sous vide wand that Signature Kitchen Suite was kind enough to send to the 50 of us who participated in this fun #DesignHoundsAtHome adventure!
    What I haven’t done is to continue to cook with it, so I appreciate seeing that delicious looking salmon! I will have to try that this next week.

  2. Laura Muller says:

    Great (and beautiful) post, Lisa! Love that you highlight the healthy benefits of sous vide especially! I’m in love with this type of cooking now!!! xox

  3. Anne says:

    Sounds delicious – thanks for the lovely explanation. And that range! I want one.

  4. LINDA MERRILL says:

    What a wonderful event to participate in and your post really sums it up so well Lisa!

  5. Janet Lorusso says:

    Beautiful post, Lisa! I love the sugared rim garnish on the limoncello cocktail glasses! And I definitely need some Sous Vide in my life!

  6. Marina Umali says:

    Great post. Loved being a part of the Designhounds event with you and truly enjoyed making the Limencello. I can’t stop trying to sous vide now as well. Glad you got to share the recipes and the experience with the world.

  7. Linda Holt says:

    Such a pretty post lisa. I so enjoyed our Sous Vide event last week and this blog is such a good recap, especially pointing out the health benefits.

  8. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Beautiful post and sounds like an amazing event!

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