04 February, 2010

Learning at IMS

By Lisa Peck
IMS offers us a multitude of ways to stay sharp, up to date and refreshed. Our designs are fresher if our information is fresh. And there are many ways International Market Square allows us to get inspired by just walking out our front door.
Showroom Tours
Thursday showroom tours...one Thursday a month three of the showrooms in the building host design professionals to give them information about the newest products, technologies and trends that are available in the market place today. Here are some examples of exciting new products.
In addition, showrooms frequently invite us in when they have new or exciting products or technology which will benefit our clients. We appreciate staying on top of new developments in our field and take the opportunity to learn something new!
Quarterly Design Events
On a quarterly basis, industry professionals are invited to attend Continuing Education courses sponsored by  IMS and it's showrooms to allow us to keep up to date with business, design and technology. There is a full day of talks, lectures and presentations each quarter. Last fall, I attended a talk by Jody Seivert who taught a CEU on leadership and providing a superior client experience. The seminar left me inspired to continue on our path of providing a boutique experience for each client of LiLu Interiors.
Images of one typical educational event when Francis King introduced the Boilier and Company line to the Twin Cities are. www.francisking.com
Student Design Event
The upcoming event in February on the 5th is a Student Design Event. Where students come to IMS to learn and meet professionals. It also offers the more seasoned professionals a chance to feel the enthusiasm for design again through the eyes of the student designers.

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