16 July, 2019

Ladies In Waiting Room-A Modern Fairy Tale of a Room-According to LiLu

The More the Merrier

Half the fun of going out is getting ready to go out. And the more the merrier. This was the intention behind our client’s desire to create a space for friends to gather at her home pre-event and swap accessories while enjoying an appetizer and a cocktail. This was the birth of the concept for a Ladies in Waiting Room.
A modern fairy tale of a room. Our client isn't waiting for anyone else to make her dreams come true! She's imagining an ideal life and designing her home to support it with the help of the LiLu design team.
With her busy social life she wanted to make the most of her time at home. Her Grandmother’s vanity finds new life in housing jewelry and accessories for friends to share. A jeweled screen does double duty masking the radiator and providing a private dressing area. It’s all in the details. Look closely and you will find that the  ottoman is covered in a fabric showcasing heirloom jewelry. Adding to the lounging comfort experience, the nearby bar cart makes serving convenient and easy.

Memorable Moments

A space to create memorable moments with friends, not during the fancy party or at the gala but in your own home, is an experience worth investing your time, energy and money in.  Our client knew that she and her friends would enjoy their tradition of gathering pre-party to get glammed up even more in a fun, feminine space designed just for their needs. A space she dubbed the Ladies in Waiting Room.
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Before and After

We thought an update of this project might interest you. See the before and after below.
See this entire project Deco Boutique Home.
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Bringing Intention Home

At LiLu Interiors, we love designing spaces that support our client’s lifestyles. It is our intention to find out your intentions. Would you like to host a dinner club that prepares meals together? Or start your day doing yoga in your own meditation space? Maybe you wish to have a comfortable spot for you and your child to read a book together? Whatever your intention is, we want to know. We are in the business of designing interiors and creating spaces for you to live out your dreams. Whatever your dream is, we will creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Give us a call, let’s bring your intentions home.
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Comments on Ladies In Waiting Room-A Modern Fairy Tale of a Room-According to LiLu
  1. Linda Merrill says:

    Such a lovely room and what a fun concept as well !

  2. Wendy says:

    That ottoman is fantastic! What a pretty room!

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