10 November, 2010

Kitchen Kaleidescope-Inside Story Part III

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Lighting...the lighting in a kitchen is one of the more complex lighting design issues in any home. You need task lighting for close critical tasks like chopping, stirring and mixing. For larger critical tasks such as cleaning the flooring and counter tops.  Dining and entertaining call for a different type of lighting. Dim light at the edges of the rooms and sparkling light at the eating area create a sense of ambiance and intimacy.
The lighting design for this kitchen included recessed can down lights supplemented with pendants and a chandelier for general illumination. With the down lights dimmed but the pendants and/or chandelier along with in-cabinet lighting on at the bar the mood is created for entertaining. Close critical task lighting is provided by under-cabinet lighting.

lighting plan

Rough Sketch of the lighting plan

[caption id="attachment_6204" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="CAD Lighting Plan"]CAD Lighting Plan[/caption]


Counter Pendants



Chandelier Components

See the finished project.

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