23 August, 2017

Designing Kids Study Area – The Importance of Having Dedicated Space for Homework

Designing Kids Study AreaDesigning a kids study area into your home...Yes it's that time of year again, time to start thinking about back to school! And back to school means back to homework and studying. The design of your home can help support those habits and turn them into routines by having a dedicated space for homework. The design of your home is a key factor in either helping or hindering the lifestyle you desire. Thoughtful interior design starts with examining how you want your life to look and then examining how your home can support those values. In order to succeed at developing habits into routines LiLu Interiors starts by inquiring what you want for your life and what it requires to support it.
Specifically, to develop a good study habit into a homework routine you need a dedicated space to make it easy as possible. A dedicated space that invites you to set up shop and encourages you to keep coming back. By designing a dedicated space to study, it is one less thing you have to think about so you can focus on your homework.
You need a place to unload your backpack. It doesn't have to be a large space but it does need to address a few key factors. It has to be comfortable. Depending on the age this could mean a lounge chair or a desk. Good lighting is key. Start with overall general lighting and also be sure and design task lighting into your space. This could be an adjustable floor or desk lamp or a reading light. Work surface to spread out is important as well as storage to clean up and keep ongoing projects and supplies. Well designed spaces that include task lighting, storage solutions, work surfaces, and comfortable seating promote good habits that will turn into routines.