07 June, 2011

Keno Brothers

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
We had the opportunityto hear firsthand from Leslie and Leigh Keno about the design inspiration behind their new furntiure line for Theodore Alexander. Their background in antiques and appreciation for craftsmanship and fine wood have resulted in a collection of timeless modern pieces that are organic in inspiration. Three highlights from their presentation:
Palette Table "The artist’s palette is an essential part of the creative process. The artist blends paint upon the palette, then applies it to the canvas, giving birth to the work of art."
Leslie and Leigh Keno discussing the design of their Palette table
Keno presentation 2
Comments: The inspiration behind this Tamo veneer, Maple, and Brass accent table makes an intriguing form.
The Low Weave Chest
"We have always loved woven splint baskets for their intricate patterns of undulating natural material. In this chest of drawers the material is hyedua veneer framed within an ebonized acacia case. We play with light and shadow and the visual rhythms of the serpentine lines."
Low Weave
Leslie and Leigh Keno pointing out the details on their Low Weave chest
Keno presentation 3
Comments: Without hardware the lines of this chest are enhanced and make it a true experience, a connection when expolrong the interiors.
The Slope Chair
"Of all the furniture forms, the chair is the most personal. Chairs offer us an opportunity to have a unique interaction that we can have with no other furniture form. The Greeks, with their passion for the human body, were the first to design a chair that combined comfort and beauty - the Klismos chair."

 The Slope

The Slope Chair is pictured on the left of this photo:
Keno presentation
Comments: When you sit in this mahogany and cane chair you find yourself running your hands along the subtle curves of the arms. We all took a turn and agreed it sits like a dream!




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