08 November, 2010

Kaleidescope Kitchen-The Inside Story

By Lisa Peck, ASID

Over the past couple of years we have been working with a client on updating their living room, home office and entry. They have a great home on a bay of Lake Minnetonka with spaces that needed a little updating. Some of the spaces didn't suit the way this couple lived. Formal dining room? Not needed. Meditation room? Turned home office for two. Creating spaces that worked for their lifestyle was fun and fulfilling.
As we designed these spaces to better suit their needs, they kept the kitchen in mind as a future project. It had never really related well to the quality and architecture of the rest of the house. The cool lavender, blue and white color scheme didn't exactly scream "I am the warm center of this home". When the call came to help with the remodeling of this kitchen, a leap of joy was the response of the LiLu design team...Now to make a huge difference in this home.

Kitchen plan before4

Kitchen plan after2

It started with some basic changes to the floor plan. The homeowners requested seating at the island, a big screen television and a more open efficient pantry/laundry area.
By removing one of the two entries to the kitchen from the back hall, the new floor plan provided a prep sink, better placement of the refrigerator and blocked the previous view of the powder room.
Turning the two spaces that previously accommodated the pantry and laundry into one created one area for mudroom functions, laundry and a great pantry area for party prep and storage.
View photos of the finished kitchen.
Tune into tomorrow for more on the development of this new design.

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