21 May, 2010

Just Right-for You!

By Lisa Peck
Another hallmark of graduating is learning what is just right for you. There are times when "good enough" just isn't good enough...your grown-up, you have worked hard to get where you are and you want your car, your clothes, your leisure time and your home to suit you to a T.
When it comes to having something that is just right for you in your home...custom options are the way to go. The right size, color, or look may not come from a one size fits all solution offered by a standard house plan, furniture or rug. When working with a designer almost anything can be customized. At LiLu Interiors we pride ourselves on knowing when to customize and when to use the standard options.
One small example of just right is a rug we are currently working on as part of a larger loft design. A loft, by definition is a big open space. We had decided to use our clients favorite color, red, as an accent color in the space. The dining area was adjacent to traffic paths and their existing dining table was a large glass top table, the chairs sized to be comfortable to allow guests to sit and converse for generous amounts of time. Comfort and a gracious welcoming feeling had been set as priorities for how the finished space should feel.
All this added up to one thing...a custom size rug. An 8 x 10 would be wide enough to allow chairs on the side of the table to be pulled out without falling off the rug but the end chairs would catch on the edge of the rug with every use...decidedly not gracious. A 9 x 12 would be long enough but the extra foot in width would create a tripping hazard as you walked past the dining area.
Once we knew a custom size was the right thing to pursue....aesthetics! A tone on tone pattern in red was just the ticket. A flat weave practical for the use. A pattern that was modern and referenced the past was perfect for the contemporary loft set into a historic building.
Rendering of rug
Carding wool for rug
Yarn that will be dyed to create the rug
Photo of pattern
This is one example of when having just the right thing, the one that suits you and your home perfectly makes sound sense and adds up to a grown-up choice.

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