01 June, 2011


By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
Our Fashion + Interiors event was so inspiring and was so much fun to put together and to attend.
As you entered the LiLu studio, Joynoelle's dresses were featured in vignettes throughout. Four of her dresses were displayed with chairs, fabrics, case pieces, lamps, pillows and accessories. Each vignette gave inspiration for how your interior can resemble your personal style.
Here are some photos taken at our event featuring Joynoelle and interior details:
fashion + Interiors 037
fashion + Interiors 017
Fashion Event 5-21-11 022
Fashion Event 5-21-11 031
fashion + Interiors 012
fashion + Interiors 020
fashion + Interiors 040
Fashion Event 5-21-11 029
fashion + Interiors 010
Event Photos 007
Fashion Event 5-21-11 025
Fashion Event 5-21-11 026
As we recap the event this week; we ask that if  you are only able to take one thing away from it all we would like it to be this:
Just as the way you dress can make you feel confident, playful, casual, impressive, or sexy; your surroundings {well designed} can evoke the same feelings.  ~ Lisa Peck

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