20 July, 2021

Joyful Living Room Design – Peek at a Project

On Sunday, our post was about reinventing your life and reinventing your home. This week, we are featuring a joyful living room that inspires us to live our best lives.
For this project, the client came to us because she needed a joy-filled home. She was entering a new phase of her life, and wanted her home to be more joy-filled, and support this fresh new phase of life.
She was looking forward to entertaining more and wanted her house to be a place where guests would automatically feel happy and excited when they came over. So, she hired us to pull together the pieces of her home that she already liked, and to add new living room furniture, fabrics, and rugs, because she knew the living and dining rooms would be the center of her entertaining.

Floor Plans - Joyful Living Room

To start with, our client just had a sofa and one chair in her soon-to-be joyful living room. She wanted a more entertaining-oriented floor plan, with more seating for her friends and family.
So, we looked at several plans, but settled on the one that had two facing sofas, two chairs, and ottomans than can be used as additional seating.
This floor plan also allows for traffic flow from the kitchen and the dining room. It opens up the space, creating a joyful, flowy feel.
FloorPlan1 FloorPlan2

Furnishings - Joyful Living Room

For the furnishings for this joyful living room, we wanted to choose items that were lighter in scale and had lines to them that were welcoming and happy.
We chose furniture that encourages an undercurrent of joy and fun whenever you enter the room!
Joyfullvingroom1 copy joyfullivingroom3 copy Joyfullivingroom copy


We chose fabrics and rugs for this joyful living room that lived in color. We centered on pink and orange, both colors that are associated with joy, based on color psychology. For more on the happiest colors to use in your home, check out this blog post.
Our client also loves artwork and has an impressive art collection. For the rug and a fabric for a pillow, we chose materials with a painterly quality to them. This way, our client's joyful living room expressed a part of who she is.
It's filled with joy, but also has an artistic flare to it, reflecting her interests and personal style.
JoyfulLivingroompalette copy (1) PINTHIS Cream Photo Homemakers Pinterest Graphic (14)

Comments on Joyful Living Room Design – Peek at a Project
  1. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love the idea of making changes to create joy in your life. I know some of the most wonderful parts of my life came from doing just that. What a wonderful reason for attracting a new client.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Such great selections for creating a joy-filled room! I love how the color palette and layout work perfectly to achieve the clients goals – the power of good design!

  3. Sheri Bruneau says:

    It is so wonderful how your client found you . The new furniture plan is wonderful and the fabrics your chose to create joy make me smile. They are so cheery!

  4. Christie says:

    I am loving your selections! Your designs always make me happy :)

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