17 May, 2010

It’s time to Graduate!

By Lisa Peck
How many graduations are you going to this spring? Graduation has implications on where and how you will be living.


At 18, graduation means making your first entree into the world. Setting up your first dorm room is a big part of that. Taking the dorm room decor to a level that reflects your personality can take many forms...beer signs that say "party here", street signs that signify the rebel, large photo collections that demonstrate your love of your friends.
College graduation (or graduate degree) means a more adult status. Your first "real" home. To furnish this home you might put together a conglomeration of parental cast-offs, inexpensive furnishings and DIY projects that somehow reflect your new status. A fully upholstery sofa or chair instead of a futon says I've arrived.
What lies beyond these graduations? Promotions, marriage, children, pets, significant others, entertaining for work, building lifelong friendships. It gets busy.
Frequently when I talk to a new client for the first time they say " I am ready to graduate...to a grown-up house." The conversation might go something like " I like my parents dining table but it's them not me and the futon I've had since college has to go...I want an adult house"
Adult...it means different things to different people but an adult house has a common thread. It reflects who you have become, supports your lifestyle, value and goals and has lasting pieces that you can bring with you on this journey through adulthood.
This week we will talk about some of the "adult" furnishings and fabrics you can choose for your grown-up house if you too are looking to graduate.

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