05 October, 2012

It’s Friday! LiLu’s Look of the Day: Candlelight

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
BRRRR! The cool air of fall finds me wanting to curl up with a good book, a warm drink and the flicker of candlelight. There is a company in New Orleans, Louisiana that makes candle light bulbs for light fixtures. The beauty of their products is in the details. They are fabulously realistic made from wax complete with candle drips and flames that shimmer and shake.  Available in both incandescent and LED, and line or low voltage. I love these!
For our Friday Look of the Day, enjoy the warm glow of their product and installation photos...


Muriel's Jackson Square restaurant in New Orleans, LA Among plush draperies, fine antiques and exposed brick walls, large crystal chandeliers are illuminated with LED Feeling's Flame® Electric Candle Bulbs in the upstairs dining rooms

Lake Arrohead Resort, CA
A private dining room featuring Feeling's Flame®  Electric Candle bulb

18th Century Alter Restoration of Parrochia de San Lorenzo - Italy  The incandescent Feeling's Flame® Electric Candle bulb is installed in the alter candelabras