16 January, 2019

Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira-According to LiLu


Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira

When I was a college student studying interior design, I had a dream to one day design a textile line for interiors and that dream has been realized through my textile line Sylvie and Mira. It's especially dear to my heart because I named it for my daughters, Sylvia and Miranda. Recently, I collaborated with Erin Francois from Francois Et Moi, I designed the rug and pillows, she styled them beautifully in her home. If you didn't see the story on Instagram! Check it out @francoisetmoi is her handle! If you're not familiar...click on the little circle that says Sylvie and Mira.
It was a dream come true to see how Erin used my textiles in her handmade modern home! A home with warm and style. Seeing what other designers do with the textiles I designed is part of the thrill of having the textiles out in the world.

Passion Project-Sylvie and Mira

I wanted to design a fabric and rug line with a fresh and whimsical point of view that would feel like the joy I saw in my daughters faces when they were young. Vibrant color is a signature of the line. It isn't all bold though. Neutral colors balance some of the more exuberant hues and classics like navy and taupe are available also.

Rug and Pillows by Sylvie and Mira Interior Design by Francois Et Moi

Passion Project-Sylvie and Mira

Although I dreamt of designing a interior designer textile line when I was in college. It took quite a few years to realize my dream. The initial patterns came to my mind in a flood a few years ago. If you want to see the sketch to painting to fabric progress you can take a look at this post I wrote early in the process.
It has been a joyful journey with shows in New York (see post) , and rugs shown at High Point market (see post). I've learned a lot along the way and have so enjoyed seeing my rugs show up in homes and hotels! My fabrics used on bar stools, window treatments, sofas and pillows. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings to Sylvie and Mira

Pillows and Rug by Sylvie and Mira DIY table instructions from Francois Et Moi 


Rug and Pillows by Sylvie and Mira Interior Design and Styling by Francois Et Moi

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