Downsize Downtown – Peek at a Project

Business of Downsizing Downsize Downtown is today's Peek at a Project.  LiLu is in the business of helping clients navigate various stages of their lives and a recent project has us designing a space for a client moving from a larger home into a smaller condo. The design process starts with thinking about what [...]

Stylish Food Containers – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Stylish Food Containers are today's LiLu Look of the Day.  This month's Healthy Home Edition was about safe food storage and so today we thought we show you other options for storing items such as flour, sugars and more.  We rounded up some great stylish food containers from places like West Elm, Anthropologie, and [...]

Healthy Home Tips – Safe Food Storage Products

Safe Food Storage has been one thing that has increasingly been popping up in stores, on the television, social media, and the internet...probably even with conversations with your family and friends.  The biggest reason this has become a concern is that the products that store our food and drink can and are leaching out [...]

Dated Living Room Update- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT As part of a multiple room redesign, LiLu Interiors got to re-imagine this dated-looking living space into a casually elegant and inviting room. Here's a look at how we built the room design piece by piece. First we started with space planning. After showing the clients several options, they [...]

Green as Neutral – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Green as Neutral is our LiLu Look of the Day.  Earlier this week, we wrote about I'm done with gray and beige!  Using green as a neutral.  Read it here. Is Green the new Gray? Green is a beautiful color with so many different tones and shades.  Having this as a neutral is a [...]

Fireplace Facelift- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT As part of a whole room redo, LiLu Interiors got to redesign this dated-looking fireplace. Here's a look at how we helped our clients solve the problem of a somewhat unsightly fireplace with a custom solution designed just for them. (We'll show you the rest of the room later, [...]

Jewelry of Interiors – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Jewelry of Interiors is our LiLu Look of the Day.  We have say and look to fashion for inspiration in the world of Interior Design.  These pieces we have found here are jewelry inspired pieces that add that extra special layer to your custom home.   Take a look at these jewelry inspired interior pieces [...]

Jewlery Box Dining Room- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Our client wanted us to re-imagine this dining room as a "jewelry box." We wanted the room to be simple and uncluttered, so we cleaned up the furniture and space plan. We used layers of detail created by finishes to round out the jewel like feeling. Built Ins: The [...]

Custom Cabinetry LiLu’s Look of the Day

Custom Cabinetry is the look of the day and I have to tell you (as yes, I am tooting LiLu's own horn) we are quite talented over here! As I was rounding up images and drawings for this post on custom cabinetry I couldn't help but be more proud of the work that we do.  [...]