Meet the Artist: Adam Field Pottery

MEET THE ARTIST Oh how I love finding a new artist I didn’t know about! Enter potter Adam Field. He’s not new to the game, just new to us! We are currently commissioning three custom pots to accessorize a client’s custom designed fireplace mantle (Read all about it here) and can’t wait for [...]

A Tale of Three Pots: Accessories for a Fireplace Mantel

PEEK AT A PROJECT Accessories are an important part of any room. Follow along as we chronicle this project that started as a remodel and ended as a fully accessorized, gorgeous room for one of our most favorite clients! We say it all the time at LiLu: “We are full service interior designers!” [...]

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

What's it like Designing Remotely If you have been on social media in the past couple of weeks or in touch with any business (most businesses) you may have noticed that they are all trying to find their way with how they can stay connected with clients and the general public.  We at LiLu [...]

Virtual Meeting Background Design Made Simple : According to LiLu

Virtual Meeting Background Design Made Simple -According to LiLu Virtual Meetings We have all been suddenly propelled into a work life full of virtual meetings and virtual meeting background design.  I know I am enjoying seeing all my colleagues and clients, even if it’s over one of the many apps that are bringing [...]

Create Moments of Happiness Throughout Your Home

Embracing the New Normal A few weeks ago if you would have said the whole world was going to be working from home (if not an essential business)  as well as distant education we likely wouldn't have believed it, but here we are.  You have probably found yourself noticing new things about your home [...]

Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu’s Look of the Day

Soothing Color Palettes - LiLu's Look of the Day Creating soothing color palettes is a great way to make your home feel like a haven from the outside world. Check out some of LiLu's favorite colors for creating calm featured in these spaces designed by LiLu Interiors. Creating a calm, serene, soothing space [...]

Remote Interior Design Work for Our Clients: Keep Calm & Design On

PEEK AT A PROJECT Remote Interior Design At LiLu Interiors, we love to live, work and design in Minnesota. We love our design community at International Market Square in Minneapolis. And we love our local clients that have been with us for years as well as starting new projects with new Minnesota-nice clients. [...]

Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind : According to LiLu

Bathroom Design | Wellness in Mind- According to LiLu Bathroom Design Wellness in Mind Today, we are  focusing on bathroom design-wellness in mind. A Few weeks ago we wrote about the reason Wellness at Home Matters. The we followed up with two posts on kitchen design and wellness since the kitchen is one [...]

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