06 January, 2021

Intentions for Your Home In the New Year: Peek at a Project


New Year's Intentions for Your Home

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home, or what LiLu would like to call New Year’s Intentions for Your Home…What’s the difference, isn’t that the same thing? One could argue that resolutions and intentions are basically the same thing but in this case as it is used so often at this time of year, New Year’s Resolutions are often short-lived while we like to think of New Year’s Intentions as having longevity.
If last year taught us anything it is that our homes are a viable part of our lives.  Sure, we all need a roof over our heads but we quickly learned whether our house was going to function for us or not as many of us were home more than ever before.
Many of our existing clients and many more new clients, gave us a call to help them figure out the best way they could utilize their existing space to work not only as an office but a school  for their children.  We had dining tables be offices during the day to family dinners at night.  Closets changed to offices and many more quick transformations.
So, this year as we still believe that the importance of a ever functioning home is here to stay, what intention would you like to set for it?

Intentions verses Resolutions

Let's dive in to what an intention is a little more. Maybe altering how you frame it affects how one would approach it?  Resolutions might suggest an end goal with a specific road map of how to get there, while intentions describe the goal but the road map to get there could look a variety of ways. There are many paths of travel you can take to get to the same destination. Intentions encompass broader terms and help you think of your life with more intentional thought. 
Is your overall intention for your home to have focused spaces for everyone to do their work? Do you want your home to be the home where the kids gather after school or the weekend hang out? Maybe it is as simple as you want your bedroom to be a respite for you and so you want to set the intention that this will be the space you focus on first because it will be good for your mental health.

Designing Intentional Spaces

This is where LiLu Interiors can help map out what that looks like. We are in the business of designing thoughtful spaces for our clients to support their intentions. While resolutions might state a specific desire to finally file those papers and purchase a file cabinet, an intention might state you want to live more organized life.
At LiLu, we love design projects where intentions are clear however we are also able to help you figure out what your intentions and goals are.  At our first meeting, we listen to you and how you want your space to function and from there we help you with the overall concept or intention for the space. You might know exactly what you are looking for but have a good idea and we will help you get there!

Guiding Questions-To support Intentions for Your Home

Here's a little deeper dive into how we help you:
Why don’t those papers get filed? Purchasing a file cabinet might be part of the solution, but when we think about our environment in terms of supporting our lifestyle we come up with more global solutions. What kind of papers aren’t getting filed? What is the larger goal, to be able to find the information when you need it? To not have papers piled on kitchen countertops? When we identify the end goal, the solutions address the habits which determine the routines which are either supported by your environment or contribute to the issue. Asking these questions will help create a path to supporting your intentions for your home. 

Intentional Design

We start with the intentions and then design spaces accordingly. Take a peek at a few spaces we have designed for our clients and see if you can guess what their intentions were?
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Comments on Intentions for Your Home In the New Year: Peek at a Project
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love the concept of setting intentions for my home, Lisa. Thanks for the idea! And those built in corners for eating in the kitchen? Those are terrific.

  2. Judith Taylor says:

    Gosh, my list of intentions is so long and only growing longer. These are some really great ideas. I am going to make note of your guiding questions. They should help to get me motivated to work on MY projects for a change!

  3. Amy Wax says:

    I love the whole thought process in this post. I also love how you dig into what our true intentions are, it is truly inspiring!

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love this deeper look at the WHY of existing pain points to help in creating productive solutions. The notion of setting intentions for your home really resonates!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, I love the change of words from resolutions to intentions. This is golden!

  6. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love this idea of setting intentions for your home as well as yourself and being thoughtful of all those things that are not working for you and why. So easy to ignore when delving a little deeper can provide great solutions that eliminate stress and chaos from our lives.

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