10 December, 2022

How the Power of Color Speaks Directly to Our DNA

Have you ever noticed how the sight of certain colors can make you feel a certain way? If so, you’re not alone. For centuries, color has been known to have a powerful effect on the human mind and body. From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day interior designers, color has been used to evoke emotions, stimulate creativity, and even heal physical ailments. But did you know that color can also speak directly to our DNA? Let’s explore how different colors can affect us in different ways.

Sunlight and Sunset Color Palettes

 Sunlight is essential for life on earth and is composed of a spectrum of beautiful colors. We associate sunny yellow hues with feelings of joy and optimism while blue skies represent freedom, relaxation, and hope. Incorporating these cheerful hues into your home decor can create a sense of calm and peacefulness as if you are connected to nature itself.

On the other hand, sunset-inspired palettes convey intense yet calming emotions such as awe-inspiring beauty or nostalgia for vacation memories with loved ones. Warmer tones like oranges and reds remind us of passion and energy while darker shades like purple symbolize mystery or spirituality. Including such shades in your home decor will give it an inviting warmth without being overwhelming. This is how the power of color speaks directly to our DNA at home.

How The Power Of Color Speaks Directly To Our Dna.


Forest Color Palettes

Green is a color we often associate with nature because it evokes feelings of growth, renewal, abundance, serenity, peace, grounding—the list goes on! Using shades of green can help bring some natural vibes into your home while making it feel lush and inviting at the same time. Additionally, forest-inspired color palettes with their verdant greens signal a feeling of abundance that many people find appealing.

We wrote a blog a few years ago about green being neutral and we believe that because it is so present in nature it is a great neutral color. If you are done with gray and biege read more here.


Forest ColorsHow Color Speaks Directly to Our DNA

Ocean Inspired Color Palettes

If you’re someone who finds peace by the ocean or just loves its tranquil beauty then ocean-inspired color palettes are perfect for you! These range from pale blues that evoke tranquility to vibrant teals that inspire creativity or feelings of adventure. Not only do they work well with any type of decor but they also spark both feelings of inspiration AND abundance – two things everyone strives for in life! No matter what kind of atmosphere or mood you want to create in your home – from cozy cottage vibes to modern minimalism – there’s sure to be an ocean-inspired palette that fits perfectly!

How Color Speaks Directly To Our Dna


How the Power of Color Speaks Directly to Our DNA

Color plays an important role in our lives; it affects us more than we realize! Whether we choose warm hues like oranges and yellows to energize us or cool blues to relax us after a long day's work - by understanding how each color speaks directly to our DNA - we gain insight into which colors will create the perfect atmosphere in our homes! Whether your style is coastal chic or bohemian minimalist - adding the right hues will ensure your space feels cozy & inviting every time you walk through the door! So go ahead - experiment & get creative with all those gorgeous shades out there - because when it comes down it - finding just the right one for YOU matters most!

Comments on How the Power of Color Speaks Directly to Our DNA
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    This is so true – color is so tied to emotion and so personal! My favorites are always the blue greens :)

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa ~

    Being the lover of seasonal color palettes that I am, I really enjoyed this post, and appreciated your specific recommendations for each palette of Benjamin Moore paint color choices.

    Thank you for that!

  3. Gigi Day says:

    You had me at your feature image! Stunning. I’ll take the first ocean Inspired color palette please! Lovin’ Ben Moore’s Yellow Highlighter too! So cheerful! Happy Holidays Lisa

  4. Deborah Main says:

    What an excellent post and so true! Color totally influences the way we feel and even our outlook on life. I love all the different color palettes you shared. It’s interesting how my home used to be warm colors of reds, browns, greens, and caramel even. Now it’s blue, white, teal, black and gold. I guess there’s been a shift in me. Your post explains the feelings related to each color so well. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

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