20 September, 2019

Homes by Architects Tour- LiLu’s Look of the Day

Homes by Architects Tours is our LiLu's Look of the Day!  Did you know that in 2008 we were inspired to start a LiLu interiors blog where we could share inspiring thoughts about design. It all began when Lisa attended the AIA Tour.  Lisa wrote in that first blog entry that it was exciting "that we live in a community where people are interested enough in the arts and in architecture that they hire these great designers to create one of a kind living spaces for them." This year the Homes by Architects Tour celebrates 12 years of sharing architecturally designed homes with the public.
As the AIA Tour continues to share great design every fall we encourage everyone to attend the annual event and be inspired by home design that supports your lifestyle values. When your home is designed to support your values, you have room to create space in your life for all that you love. And that is inspiring design!
More information on the tour can be found on their website.  Each of the homes are featured on their website with a blog entry.  We are enjoying reading about the stories and thoughtful designs, inspirations and intentions behind each home.
Architects are vital to have on a design team and the architects on this tour are some of the best and we have had the please of working with many.
We hope you get a chance to visit some of the homes and if you see us out please say hello!
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