24 April, 2017

Home Full of Art – Monday’s Peek at a Project

Do you want a home full of art ? Art can make your home come alive!  Purchasing art for your home can seem like a scary thing, but this week we will guide you and help you be intentional about the art that you collect for home.

Today we have a full house peek at a project to showcase how we integrated fabulous local artists into their home.  We had the opportunity to guide our client to some great, local galleries where she met with artists and was able to select pieces over time.  Circa Gallery, Kolman & Pryor Gallery, Art Resources and the showrooms at International Market Square were just a few that we visited.

Top Tips for living with art

Buy art you love and it will always find a great home in your home!

Don't hang art just on "feature" walls add character and detail to rooms with small pieces

Think of art as part of the composition of a vignette and hang it to relate to the space around it!

Home Full of Art Entry and Sunroom

Using Art in your Home

Use mediums other than painted canvas to add texture to a room

Consider using artful but functional pieces like this hand-painted silk light fixture as focal points in a space.

Create a composition of carefully balanced pieces of art within a space and mix it up. Family photos, ceramics and paintings layered add personality.

Home Full of Art-dining roomView Blended to Perfection Project

Is it Art or Craft?

When it comes to creating an acquired and lovely home we say don't get into labels. Some will call hand-blown glass or found object bird houses craft...You can call it art! Layer and use it to create lovely spaces for your eyes to enjoy as you sit in your room!

Home Full of Art-cozy corners

Where Is It Most Important to Use Original Art

Don't just use art in public spaces!

Put the art that you enjoy most or that has the most meaning to you in spaces where you spend the most time like your home office!

Home Full of Art-home office
View Office Bliss Project