13 July, 2009

Home Design for Half-Pints

by Emily Anderson
LiLu knows kids!
In fact as mothers ourselves, we understand first-hand what a busy family life looks and feels like. (Gotten a good night sleep lately?) A chaotic home often leads to just that -- more chaos. At LiLu we truly believe that a well designed home can help ease the stresses of parenting. By living intentionally and creating an environment that supports your kid's needs, your family will feel less stress and may even sleep better at night. (Yes, miracles do happen.)
Here are a three ways to tone down the chaos:

    Incorporate useful storage into your home. Custom cabinets and built-ins will give you space-saving solutions that meet your specific needs. Otherwise discount stores offer off-the-shelf systems that work, too. Begin by sorting like with like, and donate any toy with a layer of dust. Kids will appreciate having things organized and knowing where to find a certain item. Have a designated spot for virtually everything. Crayons go here, PlayDoh goes there. And Legos go anywhere Dad won't step on them in the middle of the night. Mornings and evenings will get easier if the backpack is always on the same hook and the shoes are always stored in the same cubby by the back door -- no hunting required! You'll be amazed at how quickly new habits are picked up by you and the kids.
    When remodeling or starting new construction, consider the durability of the finishes and fabrics that end up in your home. No parent needs to feel constantly stressed out about spills, scratches and maintenance. And kids will get a kick out of the creativity and fun they can have with some of the more unique finishes available. Check out our upcoming Daily Details for some fun ideas.
    One of the more thoughtful ways a parent can provide for their children is to design spaces with their little ones in mind. What type of chair is perfectly contoured for snuggling? Where are the books stored so little bookworms can reach them? Is there a table that provides a perfect track for racing toy cars? Have you discovered a great place to dance and twirl? If your home reflects what is important to you -- and your kids -- you'll never go wrong. Plus, having a toy kitchen in your living room only lasts a short while, right? RIGHT?

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