12 June, 2021

Six Ways your Home Can Delight and Surprise You-According to LiLu

At Lilu Interiors, we believe that your home should not only provide shelter and warmth, it should also provide happiness, joy, surprise, and delight. There can be days where you walk into your home and begin to smile with the perennial surprise and delight the perfect home can provide. This week, we’re revealing the seven ways your home can surprise and delight you. Read on for inspiration and smile-inducing home ideas!

Joyful Color

Adding pops of joyful color in unexpected places is one great way to create a home that surprises and delights you. One way to do this is to incorporate accent pillows in unexpected, joyful colors. Another idea is to choose tile in a color that is guaranteed to make you smile each time you walk into the room.

Unique Artwork

Implementing unique artwork is a great strategy for creating a home that surprises and delights you. Go for a piece of art that reminds you of one of your most joyful memories, or that utilizes bright colors to create a surprising effect that never gets old.
Maybe you want to use rugs as your artistic statement. For more on using rugs as art masterpieces, check out this blog.
Check out the Instagram page of one of Lilu's favorite artists here for inspiration.

Unexpected Whimsy

Adding objects to your home that provide unexpected moments of whimsy are another great way to create a space that will delight both you and your guests. Eccentric objects that have a story behind them are sure to prompt lively discussions and give your home a sense of wonder.

Delightful Details

Details, details, details! By definition, each detail of your home might not be noticeable to you every day. So, creating details that will surprise you again and again each time you notice them is key to creating a home that surprises and delights you. Those tiny bits of whimsy are sure to have a similar effect on your guests.

Telling Your Story

Using your home to tell your story is an important function of creating a home that fits you best. Adding memories from places you've traveled, such as fabric from a country with great memories from you, can create a feeling of happiness each time you look at them. You can also add objects that express your values that express your values to create a cohesive, contented feeling in your home. Whatever is important to you, make sure your home reflects it.

Supporting Your Passions

Your home should support your passions. If you love music, create a way to hang or display your instruments for easy access. The feeling that your home works to streamline the time you set aside for your passions will leave you delighted with your home and ease of life.
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Comments on Six Ways your Home Can Delight and Surprise You-According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa! I love this post and it’s title. Who doesn’t want a home that can surprise and delight us and is personalized to our particular hobbies and preferences? That’s why we hire a designer like you.. to help us make that a reality!
    Thanks for a deLIGHTFULL post!

  2. Carla Aston says:

    These are all great ways to customize your home and add personality. Love the projects you’ve featured here!

  3. LINDA MERRILL says:

    Hi Lisa – I love the idea of whimsy in a home – love all these actually!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love the idea of surprise and delight, and all the ways you listed to make it happen! Great article!

  5. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love this title, Lisa, and all the inspiration you’ve shown to create spaces that surprise and delight!

  6. Chari Herndon says:

    Love all these ideas and my favorite is artwork! I love a bit of color in my space and adding those touches of colorful artwork always adds a bit of delight and surprise when stepping into a space. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Debi says:

    What a great blog with all the personal things that make a home!!

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