20 December, 2009

Holiday Gifts

by Lisa Peck
When the holidays are here I often think of the best gifts I ever received. The handmade quilt from my grandmother, who carefully selected each fabric in the pattern. The special pajamas that I wore beyond their expired by date. The Thonet rocker that still sits in a guest room in my home. Okay...I admit it, even as a kid I was a design geek.
I wanted a rocking chair one Christmas....and not just any chair...an original Thonet not an imitation. I knew the story of how the bentwood chairs became famous and wanted a chair from the original makers of bentwood chairs. My parents had no idea why such a thing was sooo important to me but they found an original and purchased it for me. At this time of year one of my favorite past times is to see a gift through the eyes of the recipient. Giving something that is meaningful is a true art.
This season you may be giving of yourself by entertaining, baking, spending extra time with family and friends. That is truly meaningful...but if you need some ideas for gifts here are some a design geek or design loving homeowner would cherish.
Alessi Harmonic Bowl $115.00_walker.
From the Walker Art Center Gift shop.
MIA book of textiles
From the Minneapolis Institute of Arts gift shop.
Rocket salt and pepper shakers $52.00
Rubber vase $28.00
From the Walker Art Center gift shop
Trivet_walker $88.00(2)Trivet from the Walker Art Center gift shop
Carboard Safari Micro Buck $18.00
Cardboard safari from Walker Art Center gift shop.

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