02 April, 2019

His and Hers Master Suite Remodel


A his and hers master suite remodel story…

For years our clients dreamed of living a lakeside life. Their intention was to buy a home on a local lake that matched their style. They found the perfect location but the home was out of date and not a reflection of their lifestyle.
Our clients needed more space in the master suite of their newly purchased home... or should we say better allocated and more efficiently designed space? This master suite needed room for his and hers. With one average size closet and a lack of storage space, there wasn’t much room for his stuff and her stuff. Plus the bathroom was connected to the master bedroom, which sounds convenient, however the master bath and master bedroom were a little too connected - with no door separating the two spaces and carpeting that continued from the bedroom into the bathroom area.


First things first! LiLu sketched out a few options of how you could reorganize the space with the following things in mind.
Their wish list:

  • A desire for their bedroom to feel more connected to the lake view
  • To have more storage space
  • A separate and updated bathroom

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See a bathroom with modern day amenities but stays true to the 1920's home.
Bair upper before



  • Adding a closet space at the far end of the bedroom brought the bed closer to the lake view
  • His and hers closets and his and hers vanities
  • Got rid of the angled wall and reorganized the space into a separate spacious bathroom

Bair upper after Bair master bath elevation


Next up, tile! We got rid of the carpet in the bathroom and selected a mix of white chevron shaped and gray hexagon tiles for a modern updated look. A new freestanding tub sits in front of the large picture window and the clear glass shower lets light in and shows off the white tile accentuated by the dark grout.
Bair Master Bath for blog Bair Master Bath for blog 2
Now this master suite fits the functional needs and style of our client. How can LiLu Interiors help reorganize your space or help update your look? Let’s make life better. Let’s bring your intentions home.
See the plan for the main level of their home where their desire to entertain family and friends will be fulfilled.

Comments on His and Hers Master Suite Remodel

    This looks like a good plan! And I am still wondering why anyone ever thought carpet in a bathroom was a good idea??

  2. Silvia says:

    That master suite remodel will be nothing but beautiful. I really love the monochromatic look on the bathrooms.Great design concept!

  3. Rebecca Rowland says:

    Love the new layout! Such an improvement!


    This is going to be beautiful! xoNicole

  5. Janet Lorusso says:

    Excellent design solution! And beautiful finish choices too!

  6. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Oooo. I’d can’t wait to see the end result.

  7. Lanna A says:

    Love the new layout! And the selections are gorgeous!

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