16 December, 2019

Healthy Home Tips – Blog Roundup

Healthy Home Tips: Blog Round up
It’s hard to believe we are not just closing out on a year, but an entire decade.  Amazing things took place in the last 10 years and when it comes to healthier homes, sustainability, and green design we’d like to believe we have made great strides.  The truth is however, that we have a long way to go.  The great news is that the message that there is a need for change has been heard or so we would like to believe.  We took a Green Leaders Workshop this last fall and the best news was that more people were aware of Green, Healthier design in terms of products and way of living.  The rise in concern from 2012 to 2018 went up from 50% to 87%. Hey, that is almost everyone!
Some other interesting statistics about Healthy Home Concern:

  • 74% of people surveyed were willing to pay more for certified wood
  • people are shopping with their values
  • concern over indoor air quality is at 97%

~Sustainable means to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own~

Here at LiLu our main focus is our clients’ lives.  We are their interior designers and their advocates for all things design related and that includes how we can ensure they have a healthy home.
What exactly does a healthy home mean?  A few things that come right to mind that we know we can control are indoor air quality, sustainable and quality furniture, energy efficient lighting and many more.  We do this by specifying items with little to no-VOC’s, formaldehyde free wood, water based stains, natural fibers such as wool, linen, cotton and LED lighting.
Today, we are doing a round-up of our Healthy Home Blogs for the year.  In case you missed one or want to take the year in review.
First up, Healthy Home Tips for Intentional Clean and Safe Living. 
This blog focuses on how to navigate your way through cleaning products that are safe for you and your family.  We discuss how to find and research safe products as well as the potential dangers to cleaning products.
Intentional Clean and Safe Living

Healthy Home Tips: Indoor Plants

Here on the Healthy Home Tips Round up find a guide to Indoor plants.  Indoor plants add to your indoor air quality by filtering air and removing dust in our air.  This healthy home blog focuses on unique and simple ways to improve your air quality in your home.  We spend up to 80% of our time indoors and it is vital to make sure it is healthy air.
Safe Indoor plants

Healthy Home Tips: Eliminating VOC's

If you noticed a trend on our Healthy Home Tips Blogs that we talk about Indoor Air Quality ALOT...you'd be right because it is of the utmost importance.  We hope by sharing these tips you can see how easy it is to make these small changes in your life or perhaps you already do and therefore you can give yourself a pat on the back!
Next up: Eliminating VOC's in your homes building products. 
Healthy Home VOC 1

Healthy Home Tips: Safe Food Storage

How we store our food is essential to keeping it safe for us. Just like building products, the products we store our food in can off gas an leak into our food.  The next  blogs are all about safe food storage products along with how to eliminate plastic in your lives.
Check them out here:
  Safe Food Storage. 
Plastic Free Lives 
Safe Food Storage Healthy Home Feature Plastic Free

Healthy Home Tips: Safe, Organic Mattresses

Our healthy home tips wouldn't be complete if we didn't discuss one of the most important items in your home!  Your mattress.  We spend an awful lot of time sleeping and laying on our mattresses so they should be of top concern!
Check out our tips and products here! 
Organic Mattresses
Safer ways to freshen your air and How to keep the sickness away are our last two blogs on the Healthy Home Tips Round up!
These two offer easy ways to keep your air not only clean but smelling fresh in a safe way and how to prevent sickness with safe practices.
Healthy Home Air Freshener 1 Keeping Sickness Away pin this 1 healthyhome

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  1. Wendy says:

    Great tips! I’m transitioning over from plastic to glass containers too.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    So many great posts, Lisa! And such an important topic – creating sustainable living for now and the future!

  3. Jeri Cerutti says:

    What a great collection! So much valuable info.

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Such great info to help people move toward eco-friendly interiors that look good, feel good and are good for our health!

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