01 January, 2020

Happy New Year’s – Resolutions Galore

Happy New Year's!  The LiLu Interiors Design Team is still out of the office enjoying time with Family and Friends but we wanted to give you a post of our best Resolution Round ups from previous years.   92% of people end of failing in their resolutions!  One of the reason is because they are not prepared.   This first
As we stated in this Blog Post: Design Success with your New Year's Resolution at Home I would like to offer some support by suggesting one way to create success around a resolution is to be as intentional as possible about it. LiLu Interiors specializes in helping our clients “bring intention home”.  Avoid failed resolutions by designing the obstacles that stand in your way, out of your life.
Here are some resolutions we find to be common:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercise
  • Intention time with family
  • Being Present
  • Removing clutter
  • Be more creative
  • Save money
  • Travel
  • Go to new places
  • Being organized

Many of these have to deal with your space or time at home and at LiLu we can help you make the most of it.
Here is another great blog where we talk about Making Space for Success with your New Year's Resolutions.
Spend more time with family and friends. Whether it appear at the top or bottom of the list. This is always in the top tier of resolutions. The intention behind this resolution in my mind is connection. Think both about the everyday way your space can help build connection with your family and if it is a comfortable place where friends and family immediately feel welcomed and at ease.
Top tips for creating spaces that work to create connection
New Year’s Resolutions New Year’s Resolutions 2
Fit fitness into my routine. This resolution is on many lists and can be stated in many different ways. Get fit. Exercise more. Build strength. No matter how it’s stated the intention here is to exercise. The roadblock people often run into is finding the time to get to the gym. Create literal space for your exercise routine at home and create space for success. If you remove the obstacle to success you’re more likely to achieve your goals.
Rooms that work for exercise-
New Year’s Resolutions 3 New Year’s Resolutions 4
Eat healthy/Lose weight. Eating healthy can seem impossible with today’s lifestyle. Tips that have helped me over time are to have a pleasant, well-organized kitchen to work in where cooking together as a couple or family is an easy thing to do. The other is to have a place to eat in a relaxed sit-down environment. Think about the best meal you’ve ever enjoyed. Often the ambience of the space is a great influence over slowing down, enjoying your meal and having a conversation. This can also support your intention to creat greater connection with family and friends. (See resolution #1).
       Designing a Kitchen that really cooks- 
New Year’s Resolutions 5 New Year’s Resolutions 6 pin this 1 healthyhome

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