31 October, 2016

Hand-painted Paper Perfection-Monday’s Peek at a Project

By Lisa Peck, ASID
As designers, we focus on creating spaces that support our clients intentions for their lives. This new guest space has been designed to support our clients desire to entertain guests and relatives . We created a private suite for everyone's comfort. Visit their home and you will be treated to gracious surroundings and hospitality.
The client asked us to update the space to reflect the same sophisticated, traditional style of the rest of their home. The entire project involved two bedrooms and a shared bath and dressing area. The dressing area could have been just a functional, walk-through space. We designed an elegant solution that made it a show stopper.
The vanity wall, a focal point from the main guest room, evokes a special feeling in guests that they are being treated to the best their friends have to offer. We designed the perfect solution.
Once the design work is done, LiLu doesn't exit stage right. We stay by our clients side. The LiLu team ensures that each detail is correctly executed. We collaborate with craftsman on the perfect installation. Here's a look at us consulting with our wall covering installer on just the perfect layout of a hand-painted paper by De Gournay on a silk background.
De Gournay wall covering cherry blossoms
This wall covering is hand-painted on silk background. The cherry blossom branches will wind their way around a door way and create an artful arch over a vanity table. We designed a custom color or this hand-painted paper by requesting a specific percentage of color. The background selected blends beautifully with our clients tile. We will share the finished project with you here on the blog.

rendering of Degournay wall paper

De Gournay rendering