04 July, 2020

A Guide to American Makers-According to LiLu

A Guide to American Makers
According to LiLu

A Celebration of Creativity
All across the United States there are people dedicated to creating beauty, these are American makers. On this 4th of July weekend, I want to celebrate the people running small companies and creating beauty for others to enjoy with this guide to American makers.
They are out there every day, employing others and contributing to the economy while making the world a more beautiful place. If you include handmade, artisan-inspired objects in your home you can keep these people going and make your world a little better at the same time.
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A Guide to American Makers A Guide to American Makers
Interior Design and Maker Elle Gibson
I recently discovered Elle Gibson online. She is an interior designer in Atlanta with her own small textile line. She creates globally-inspired patterns that are made locally. I find her aesthetic charming.  One advantage of working with a small line is that you aren’t likely to find the same textiles in your neighbors home. She is also able to custom color her patterns for a minimum.  See more of her collection at Elle Gibson
A Guide to American Makers
Jomo Tariku
Jomo Furniture is a brilliant line of furniture from Ethiopian American artist Jomo Tariku. His line reflects his diverse experiences and cultural reference. I think most of his designs look modern while evoking tradition at the same time. His entire line can be seen at Jomo Furniture.
A Guide to American Makers
New American Heirlooms
With a fresh take on American traditional furniture O & G Studio is one of my go-to sources for an heirloom piece of furniture. They hand build their furniture in Warren Rhode Island and are essential to any Guide to American Makers.
A Guide to American Makers
When Cousins Are Two of a Kind
Kin and Company works with metal in a modern retro way that I find particularly appealing. This shelf or etagere is a simple but fun design. Kin and Company, from Brooklyn, NY is run by two cousins with a mutual interest in design.
A Guide to American Makers
Natural Creations
Another Brooklyn maker we couldn’t resist including in our Guide to American Makers, is Fernando Mastrangelo, an artist who works in natural and reused material is in the collections of the Cooper Hewitt and the Brooklyn Museum. You can own a piece of his art in the form of furniture made with the same methods and materials used in his large-scale projects.
Guide to American Makers
Old World Technique-Modern Design
One of my favorite makers is just down the street from our studio. Hennepin Made uses 7 artisans to make it’s hand-blown glass lighting fixtures that have a modern urbane edge. Right here in Minneapolis, MN.
A Guide to American Makers

I'm a Maker  Too

And in case you didn’t know, I too am a maker. I have a small textile line, Sylvie and Mira, named for my daughters. I hand paint the patterns here in Minneapolis and my fabrics are printed in North Carolina.
I enjoy being part of a group of people who have a mission to add beauty and joy to the world. Especially now when we can all use a home that brings us happiness.
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  1. Linda holt says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful makers with us! I am pinning this for later!

  2. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Thank you for pulling together these American makers.

  3. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love this post so much, Lisa. It’s always interesting to learn about American makers, including you, with your line, Sylvie and Mira.
    I am especially taken with the DRIFT collection, though, from Brooklyn artist and maker, Fernando Mastrangelo.
    Those are so beautiful.
    Happy 4th to you and your family!

  4. Judith Taylor says:

    What a great post for today. I loved being introduced to these makers.

  5. doreen amico-sorell says:

    Love this. Such great information, especially with people wishing to have US made items.

  6. Christina Rodriguez says:

    Such beautiful pieces.

  7. Linda Merrill says:

    Fantastic American designers Lisa! Happy 4th!

  8. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a great post for the 4th of July! Saving this for reference – thanks for sharing these great American makers!

  9. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great list and wonderful products. Love that Medina wallpaper!

  10. Christie says:

    So many great products! I love the wallpaper especially!!

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