20 November, 2017

Giving Thanks

Several years ago around this time of year I wrote a blog post entitled Attitudes of Gratitude, writing about our weekly practice of gratitude at LiLu staff meetings and shared a couple of my favorite books on gratitude. We have stayed true to this practice of Giving Thanks and we continue to begin every staff meeting with a list of things we are grateful for. We call it "Good Stuff From Last Week." As Thanksgiving approaches I would like to share thoughts from another beautiful book I own entitled Giving Thanks by Katherine Paterson. The pages showcase beautiful designs of the art of intricate cut paper patterns and poems about Giving Thanks that the author has collected over time. The authors worldly background has shaped her appreciation for cultural traditions and the kinship she has developed with people from across continents. Giving Thanks is a celebration of all ages and experiences and all things. It is a wonderful reminder that the art of Giving Thanks encompasses a thankful heart for everything, not just the happy occasions. The collection of poems celebrate life’s blessings and recognize life’s challenges. That life brings both, and that we have the gift of gratitude within us. LiLu is thankful for the invitation into your life and the honor of designing your home to be a place of celebration for all that life brings. Happy Thanksgiving!