05 April, 2010

Get Out and Get Inspired

by Lisa Peck, ASID
The seasons have turned. Giddy thoughts of being outside have turned to the reality of walking, riding and playing outside! (maybe some raking too!) The warm weather always seems to awaken a spirit of wanting to change things up. Freshen our homes for spring, rethink interiors for summer entertaining and think about our exterior spaces as extensions of our homes. But where to look for inspiration? I say look outside!
When I get outside and see something new it can bring my new insight to a problem, make me think of materials, colors or scale in a new way. Whether I am exploring nature or the man-made environment the variety and interest is unending. I often take my camera with to capture a scene, texture or color so I can remember the moment.
Go for a walk in a park, visit the zoo or the arboretum and you may find yourself brimming over with ideas for designing spaces both inside and out. This week join us on a small virtual tour of places around the cities where you can go to sharpen your insight, change your vision or just relax. I highly recommend getting out there yourself.
Here are a couple photos I have taken for inspiration over many years.

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