09 May, 2011

Gathering Intel

By Lisa Peck, ASID
One of our primary assignments is gathering intel...design intel that is. This week I want to review some of the intel gathering we have done over the past week or so. At LiLu we are dedicated to our craft. But we are only as good as our information. So learning is a must on a daily basis.
The list of ways we gather intel is long. We use surveillance techniques, observing the environment around us. At LiLu we make sure our environment is rich with useful intel. IMS our studio home is full of showrooms that are full of inspiration. We travel out of our studio. Going near and far. Europe, Chicago, New York, Hawaii, wherever our travels take us. Yes, we look for visual beauty and unique approaches to design problems as we travel. But here's a little secret. Designers have something in common with writers and actors, we observe human behavior everywhere we go. Except we look at how the people around us interact with their environment and constantly note what works and what doesn't.
We read research most people would consider boring. Not just design research but anything that peaks our interest and think about how it applies to our field.
We keep ourselves open to new info and pursue all opportunities. brain-763982-11-300x299

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