11 May, 2011

Gathering Intel-Studio Visit-David Coggins

by Lisa Peck, ASID
Finding other creative people such as artist David Coggins and visiting his studio is one way we make new connections and think of things in new ways. Emily recently met David's wife Wendy outside a clients home and made plans to visit David's studio.
His studio is rich with visual inspiration and natural light. It got me to thinking about what to surround my clients with in order to support their journey's in life. What you have around you can influence the quality of  your thoughts.
The Red Daybook right sideDavid spoke with us about his recent projects and the thought process behind them.
Daybooks box 1 web
Desolate Exuberance
I found myself thinking about how to approach things conceptually. We often create inspiration movies, inspiration boards and David's recent project is similar in the collage of images. Creating collages is a way of expressing concept or emotions that may allude verbal expression.
1. Diver 2009 David Coggins (Archival pigment print, 42 x 27
These beautiful prints David did in a previous phase are an intriguing connection between art and technology and spurred thoughts of how technology can be used in new ways. Creative use of technology can give our work a fresh outlook.
14 (10x6) copyMuch of David's work was a reflection of nature and man's connection to nature. Thinking about this led me to consider some research I have recently been reading about how connection to nature allows people who are ill to heal more quickly. I felt renewed in my interest in creating connections between the interior and nature.
By "gathering intel" on David Coggins we not only discovered a great artist who can be a resource to include in our interior design work but renewed our creative spark and allowed us all to create new connections in our design.

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