26 October, 2012

Fusion Winner

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID and Jill Benofske, LiLu Interiors Intern
I was impressed and fascinated by the variety of building materilas used to create the one of a kind fashions at Fusion. Our intern Jill and her classmates designed a skirt out of a material we use in our studio nearly every day, bumwad tracing paper. Read on to learn more about this unique project.

How did you decide to enter?
My classmatees and I decided to enter at the very last minute because we wanted to be a part of fusion for the experience.
How did you work as a team?

  • Determining concept
  • Making flowers
  • Putting the dress together

Who came up with dress concept?
   It was a group effort with deciding we wanted to go big and different.
Who actually made it?
All of us worked on the dress at different times helping attach flowers and sewing and creating the top.
How did you decide what materials to use?
   We were planning on making flowers out of wall covering but when we were creating different types of flowers we started with trace paper to see if it was even worth making them with wall covering and we realized the wall covering ending up being to heavy.
How did you attach bumwad?
When making the flowers we used pipe cleaners to keep the materials of the flower together and used the extra to pull through the tulle.
Where is the wall covering from that made up the top?
   We were able to get unused discontinued samples at IMS, and saved them from going to waste.
How was that made?
We created a pattern that we cut out and then hot glued and Velcro to keep it together.
Where are the tangerine tiles from?
They were from zero landfill
How long did it take you to make the dress?
         It took about 3 weeks with some early mornings and busy days.
How/who came up with idea of accenting with tangerine color in shoes and necklace?
    We decided to use Tangerine Tango color only as accents to set off our all white dress.
Why do you think you won for zero landfill?
I think we won best use of zero landfill because all of our materials were recyclable and were being reused and repurposed.