24 October, 2012

Fusion Fashion

By Jill Benkofske, LiLu Interiors Intern
Fusion + Fashion is an event where local design firms and design students come together to celebrate design and showcase creativity within our industry in a fashion runway show. Each design team creates an outfit out of materials found in the design world to walk the runway and are judged by fashion experts.  This year the theme was Tangerine Tango, and each group was challenged with incorporating the color tangerine in any way they felt best fit their design. There were 25 groups that participated, and each one created an outfit completely different from the others.

This dress is made out of construction cones and fencing

Variety on the runway...made out of textiles and wallcovering

This was the last walk on the runway to show off what you designed before the judges made their final decision! As you can see each outfit is very different from one another.

The dress that a few of my closest classmates and myself created. Made of tulle, bumwad, wallcovering, and accented with Tangerine Tango color tiles for our jewlery!

The students from Dunwoody College of Technology and me in our winning dress for 'Best Use of Zero Landfill' (left to right)

Ashley Cannon, Carissa Lepisto Pouliot, Jodi Brady, Jill Benkofske, Brittney Bechthold, and Rachael Wittnebel

Check back Friday to learn more about the inspiration behind our outfit and the category Best Use of Zero Landfill/sustainable design