26 October, 2018

Friday’s Look of the Day: The Entryway for the Holidays

The perfect invitation to any entryway.  It is practical and serves two purposes...a place to wipe your feet and let's those know who owns this beautiful home.
If you are not ready to scribe your rug just yet this a great option from World Market.  The best part...it is part of their World Market Earth-Conscious assortment which features sustainable materials.  It is also a great size of 24" x 36"

This chest is a great size for smaller entry ways measuring approximately at 23" W x 17" x 32"H.  A place to set your keys in a dish, a vase with fresh floral and drawers to tuck away things such as gloves and hats or even your mail.
GUEST_e5e2695b-9b21-4c67-bc27-f1b81356aa7a GUEST_586893a3-558f-441a-8a5f-c1b2e50eb901
Benches are a great addition to an entry way if you have the space. It offers your guests a place to put their shoes on or off or perhaps to set items as they arrive.  Benches are a welcoming touch.
A finishing touch for your door to greet guests and get festive!  Love this pop of green and its' simplistic nature.
Hang a mirror for a quick look on the way in or out and can also make your space look and feel larger.
Love this floating shelf especially for smaller entries.  Extra space to put holiday decor and from the day to day a place to set your keys and the mail
Greet your guests with a splash of color with this abstract art through Target.