18 November, 2020

Before & After Process of a Design Project: Peek at Project with LiLu Interiors

Modern, Fresh, Colorful and Family Fun

The process of a design project may catch you by surprise.  We don't walk into a room and instantly know what to do.  Design takes time, time to process, time to think and there may be more than one solution.
This main level interior design remodel was as much fun to design as is looks.  This young family had recently moved in, and they were ready to make it their home.  We wrote about this project and you can find the post here: Fresh and Welcoming Home 
Many times when we show you our projects we show you the beginning to the end and don't always show the process along the way.  Many things happen to take a project from conceptual idea, installation to final.
This project had a few ways we defined the space and wanted to bring in more than just decorative furnishing items.  As with any project once a floor plan is selected we can begin elevation development.  This project was as fun to design as it was to implement.
Follow along as we show our three spaces that help bring this project through our design process.  It's a wonderful before and after.

The Welcomed Entry

Upon entering this space, you are greeted by a super fun wallcovering that shows the families’ spirit right off the bat.

Extra Special Touches: focal wall with floating shelves.

This concept derived from wanting to make an otherwise awkward opening have a purpose.  A simple design of floating shelves that creates a beautiful focal point upon entry and helps to define the space of the living room.

Living Spaces

The bookcases that will anchor each side of the fireplace have traditional details to speak to the home but are then painted in a fresh white with a blue painted on the interior back.  The bookcases add dimension to the otherwise flat room while helping to define the fireplace and proving additional storage.  Watch our video that shows how we took our project from concept to construction documents to installation.

As always be sure to follow along on instagram over @lilumpls.  We love the design process as much as we love designing. Have questions or no idea where to begin on your project?  Give us a call!  We'd love to talk through it.

Comments on Before & After Process of a Design Project: Peek at Project with LiLu Interiors
  1. Carla Bast says:

    I love the color in the entry, and the creative shelving next to the pass-through! Nicely done!

  2. Leslie says:

    How fun to be able to see the before & after in videos, Lisa! It really did help to tell the story of your client’s fun personality & how you interpreted it for them.

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    All great ideas and beautiful execution! So fun to see the videos of the process from beginning to end result!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love all the colors in the entry and that Baltic Sea is really nice with the shelving. Beautiful!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, I love these videos showing the work that goes into designing a space. The colours are simply wonderful!

  6. Deborah Main says:

    Love how you show the result through a video. Fantastic design solutions! That wallpaper in the entryway makes such a statement. I love it!! Also like how you chose bookcases versus a built in around the fireplace. Very nice!

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