17 February, 2021

California Casual Bathroom Redux: Peek at Project with LiLu Interiors

Bring Back the Bathroom

Sometimes those guest bathrooms in the hallway don't get a second look as they may be last on the list to take the time to remodel.  This bathroom is part of a living room we decorated.  You can find the concept and design here: Living Room and Kitchen Banquette The clients wanted a California Casual feel for their new home.  They are a young family that is growing and needs a home to grow and change with them.
The bathroom is to function for two young boys.  We wanted it to continue the concept of California Casual but without any major construction.  The overall plan is to bring in a warm, wood vanity that mimics the wood from the living room lounge chairs.  To accent with gold metals that are replicated throughout the home.  Hardware to have a simple line but with the right amount of detail.
This bathroom while it needs to function for two young boys, it will also need to function for guests and others who visit the home.  So we added durable finishes for the boys with touches of California Casual and a little up-level.
Check out our finish boards below from vanity finishes to plumbing fixtures.
California Casual Bathroom Design California-Casual-Bathroom-Redux California Casual Bathroom Remodel California-Casual-Bathroom-Redux California-Casual-Bathroom-Redux

Cabinetry Designs

One way that you can incorporate elements of design into a space can be as simple as the cabinetry.  We suggested two types of door styles from a stile and rail shaker door to a flat panel slab.  Both will show off the grain and warmth of the wood.  Here are two elevations we designed to support the concept.
California-casual-Bathroom-Remodel California-Casual-Bathroom-Remodel

Bathroom Construction Documents

Once the decisions were made, we draft up the construction documents to implement the design.
As always be sure to follow along on instagram over @lilumpls.  We love the design process as much as we love designing. Have questions or no idea where to begin on your project?  Give us a call!  We'd love to talk through it.
pin-this-1 California Casual Bathroom Redux California Casual Bathroom Redux 2

Comments on California Casual Bathroom Redux: Peek at Project with LiLu Interiors
  1. Anne says:

    Great ideas, terrific colors, and finishes – what lucky little boys!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    I always love seeing your process – what terrific options for this bath! I look forward to the reveal to see what they chose!

  3. Leslie Carothers says:

    I really like Option A, Lisa, but will be curious to see what your clients choose.

  4. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Oh…how those construction documents are so important for ensuring that the paper dream becomes a reality! Lisa, I love everything about this space!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love all your options, especially C, Great to see your process:)

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