20 November, 2019

From Single Family to Condo Living – Peek at a Project

Downsize and Relocation

From Single Family to Condo Living today's peek at a project is all about a family who we have watched grow  and change through the years.  We designed their single family home about  7 years ago and since then their children have left for college, leaving them empty-nesters and now they have made a cross country move.  We helped them configure their existing furniture into their new condo and fill in the missing pieces.
Along with space planning we were able to make their existing furniture have new life!  What does this mean???  We updated rugs, pillow fabrics and added in pieces of furniture that would tie the space together.
Follow along to see how we did just this!

Let me greet you

The entry to any home should welcome you home and feel as if it kisses you on the way out.  This entry will do just that.  The rug is a hand woven rug that introduces you to the color and pattern as you enter.  In a condo building, your rug doesn't need to be as durable as say one here for those Minnesota winters but one that will hide dirt and made of a fiber like wool is still a good idea as you enter to take your shoes off.
We are also reusing a console table that was a sofa table in their old home.  It is not pictured but has a grey finish to it.  The art with sit above paired with this fun Pineapple lamp. As guests enter, they will be greeted with energy and fun just like the people living here.

Living and Dining

From Single Family to Condo Living can be a serious transition.  There are no longer walls to differentiate spaces.  At this condo, the kitchen, living and dining are all one space together.  With the use of rugs we can begin to define the space for the living area.  We were able to reuse and pair up their loveseat from their sunroom and a pair of chairs from their sitting room.

It's all about the rug

The living room rug is from Lapchi where they make people hand made rugs.  This rug is part of their quick-ship program where rugs ship out in 6-8 weeks instead of the usual 12-16 weeks.  We went for a rug that was deeper in color and would help the furniture to stand off.  It defines the spaces and adds a level of drama without being too serious.

Change it up

We changed up the pillows fabrics to give these seating pieces a refresh and bring in more color to the room.  We can't wait to see them all installed.  The dining chairs and tables are the new furniture pieces in this part of the condo.  A sleek round dining table, paired with a textured fabric dining chair is the perfect way to say come and take a seat.  The dining table fits great for 2-6 people as it extends and the leaves are self storing.  The dining chairs are also stackable so when not being used they can fit right into a closet.
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Oh My Master Bedroom

In the clients single family home we absolutely loved their bedroom.  It was dreamy and restful.  So, we were extra excited when we knew the clients existing bed and dresser will all fit into their bedroom along with a side chair and table.  We freshened up the space with a beautiful, luxurious rug with the right amount of shine.  New nightstands paired with matching lamps are all this space needs for this lovely couple.

The Den

From Single Family to Condo Living, you have to make rooms multi purpose.  This condo comes with a second bedroom but for this couple it will have a few titles.  A guest bedroom, den and an office.  The perfect sleeper sofa with a pink fabric was selected.  It will sit across a pair of french chairs that are upholstered in a flamestitch fabric with bright colors.  A couple new end tables and a bright fresh ottoman make this space complete.
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We hope you enjoyed our peek at a project and don't forget to follow us on the Gram @lilumpls for all the updates and continued Peeks into our projects.  We love sharing our day to day with you.  The progress and the process are half the fun....at least we think so and hope you do too!
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Comments on From Single Family to Condo Living – Peek at a Project
  1. Jeri says:

    Big transition! Love the concept boards and the palette!

  2. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Downsizing is always a challenge, and having expert advice on what to keep and what to let go of and how to remix what you have is priceless! I’m sure your clients will be delighted with their new space since you have successfully made it both familiar and fresh – the perfect combination when embarking on a new chapter!

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the colors and selections for the Living Room!

  4. Angela Todd says:

    I love the way the palette works throughout.

  5. Rachel Moriarty says:

    Amazing and I love the colors!!

  6. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I loved getting a peek into this downsizing project. I love all of the colours and I can see why your clients must be thrilled.

  7. Linda Merrill says:

    “The entry to any home should welcome you home and feel as if it kisses you on the way out.” Such a great way to put it! Lucky clients!

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