04 January, 2022

Frame TV Collage Wall – Peek at a Project

Frame TV Collage Wall

Remember our previous peek at a project post: Updating a Mid-Century Family Room? This week, we're giving an update on the updates, and showcasing a the use of a frame TV as part of a collage wall. This was part of the overall project.
Our clients needed a better place to put a TV, and simultaneously wanted to highlight the adventure travel they've done throughout their lives with their children.
When you work with us, we design everything, down to the smallest detail for your space. We aren't focused on the big parts of a project alone, we also prioritize details like the placement of the television and the presence of art, considering your uniqueness all the while.

Frame TV Collage Wall - Before

Before, our clients television was at an awkward angle, black and white images on the TV didn't have much of a punch to them, and the arrangement of the whole room was a bit disjointed as a result.
This didn't create the perfect flow and feeling for the family room our clients wanted, so we stepped in to design this frame TV collage wall to create the balance our clients needed.


Frame TVs are a beautiful trend to avoid the evergreen annoyance of having a big black box in the middle of your space. When a frame TV is on, it shows all your favorite movies and shows in 4K QLED picture quality. But, when it's off, it shows artwork, and is slim and high quality enough to give the impression of being an actual picture frame.
Our concept for this collage wall was to mix a frame TV with travel photos and objects from around the world, creating a cohesive gallery wall that will serve as a focal point in the room. When the TV is on, it will be a space to gather and enjoy a movie or episode of a series together. When it's off, the wall will be just as eye-catching with the beautiful artwork both on the television and surrounding it.

2 Options

We created two options for the new gallery wall.
The first one featured travel photos and masks that our client acquired on travels.
The second one featured more travel photos, and included fair trade baskets and textural art, representing places that the family has travelled together.
Both options deliver the aesthetic our clients were looking for, and incorporates amazing family memories our clients will love being able to look back on and showcase each day.
Once the new furniture is installed in this family room-in progress, we'll be sure to share on our Instagram. Make sure to follow us there for more updates!
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Comments on Frame TV Collage Wall – Peek at a Project
  1. Linda Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa – both your groupings look great! The Frame TV is such a great innovation!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    I am SOOOO delighted the TV industry got with the program (haha) and created something that can pass for artwork when it is off. We suggest the frame TV all the time! These are both fabulous options to showcase your client’s personal story!

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