01 June, 2009

For The Love of a Craftsman

At LiLu Interiors we love working with various craftsmen who help the things we design become a beautiful, well crafted reality. There is a synergy that happens when a wonderful design meets a great craftsman and beauty is the result. Many times during each project we visit a shop, workroom or the site to collaborate with the men and women who build, sew, fabricate and install items we have custom designed for our clients.
We are always learning something from these artisans about a new technique, material, structure or approach that allows us to expand our design palette. Sometimes we challenge them to stretch themselves to learn a new approach or achieve something they didn’t think they could. We encourage collaboration and open exchange of information and ideas with all of the people working to create an environment and this results in a finished product that is one of a kind.
The impulse to understand how things are built and to understand the craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes the difference between something being good and it being a work of art is something we want to have in common with the people we collaborate with. If everyone has an equal commitment to a vision the results are stunning.
Here are a couple of websites of the craftsmen we work with and some photos of works in progress for inspiration. resfur_4
This beautiful desk and other inspiration can be found at www.estreetmakers.com
handmaderugs-loomHandwoven rugs  can be custom designed, colors and pattern selected just for you by Kelly Marshall at Custom Woven Interiors. Take a look at www.customwoveninteriors.comguar_photo
img_0531Visiting a workroom can inspire new ideas and inform you on the techinques and equipment available to create custom designs out of anything from fabric to metal.

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