16 June, 2009

For All The World a Crown?

The intersection between wall and ceiling is a spot where details can make or break a space. Many traditional homes use crown or cove at this intersection.
A crown is a combination of convex and concave curves with an overall impression of a convex curve. It creates a strong delineation between wall and ceiling. The height, complexity and finish used will create a stronger or softer border.
A basic crown molding.
A two-piece crown in a finish that contrasts the wall and ceiling strongly creates
a distinct delineation and helps create human scale.
A painted crown with finish that is less contrasting gives a softer but
still nicely detailed junction.
A basic cove molding.
A cove painted in a similar tone to the ceiling will
soften the junction and create a feeling of a lower ceiling
and a human scale.
Another approach to molding at the ceiling wall intersection is to use molding which rest primarily on the ceiling, as in this entry. This gives definition and detail without visually lowering an already low ceiling.

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